AICORE is an innovative token in the BullBear AI ecosystem. It is generated from burning AIBB tokens. AICORE is used to promote AIBB development and can also be used to play AIGAME, buy and sell Exclusive NFT, using transaction fees in AICHAIN Layer-2...

Contract Address

MAX Supply

200,000 AICORE



No VC, no team shares, 100% for community members


A certain amount of AICORE is distributed daily, and the amount decreased over time. The table below details the decreasing curve

MonthDaily Amount

First 3 days (14th Aug - 16th Aug)


Stake AICORE, Earn ARB

What is ARB? Arbitrum is an Ethereum layer-two (L2) scaling solution. It uses optimistic rollups to achieve its goal of improving speed, scalability and cost-efficiency on Ethereum. ARB is the main token of Arbitrum Ecosystem. Checkout

WeekReward Amount

14th Aug - 20th Aug

100,000 ARB

21st Aug - 27th Aug

85,000 ARB

28th Aug - 3rd Sep

65,000 ARB

4th Sep- 10th Sep

50,000 ARB

11th Sep - 17th Sep

35,000 ARB

From 18th Sep

5,000 ARB Weekly

Steps (ENDED)

Protocol Just go to burn your $AIBB and earn $AICORE. AIBB’s burning and AICORE's mining will be completed at 24:00 (UTC) every day. Participants will obtain AICORE proportionally based on their daily share of total AIBB burnings.


  • Stake $AICORE and earn $ARB as staking reward

  • Purchase exclusive NFTs

  • Play AIGAME within BullBear AI ecosystem

  • Fees in AICHAIN, Layer-2 Blockchain using AI to run nodes

For the AIBBs put in the burning pool

  • 60% will be burned to zero address directly

  • 40% will be stored in the treasure wallet (0x8102de681cef15e996dc5ff2da02b508ffa406108ffa40613) and will be used to develop and expand the ecosystem of BullBear AI in the future. We will publicize the details of each spending and usage plan from this wallet

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