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Are you ready to take your financial prediction skills to the next level? BullBear AI is excited to announce the upcoming release of our prediction games feature within our ecosystem. Stay tuned for the official launch and get ready to test your investment instincts and compete against other users in a fun and engaging environment.

Through the prediction game, users will be able to share information regarding real world events, price action and crowd-sourced knowledge with the platform and other users, and also learn information from the platform, and earn $AIBB rewards through the sharing process. The most involved participants as well as the users who provide the most accurate information will be able to earn greater $AIBB rewards.

With information on BULL and BEAR markets, users may obtain market information in a timely manner for their various purposes (e.g. research, trading, academic, general information).

How does the prediction game work?

Basically, we will collect or buy data from CEX exchanges, Onchain data. The data includes user transaction history, cash flow movements, events and price movements... Then we will use machine learning algorithms like Linear Regression, Linear Discriminant Analysis calculate, Nearest Neighbor... to make predictions about price direction. AI will be trained based on these algorithms, to create models. Then the API will interact to get the data.

With this basic information, users may use AIBB and AICORE tokens to further refine the predictions by sharing information regarding user behaviors, price action, market events, and other knowledge. Through the process, all parties will be able to obtain new information and earn rewards for their participation.

When players bet, if they win they will receive tokens from the loser. There is also a bonus according to the trading volume. The platform fee is set at 1% on 1 prediction

If they get help from AI, if they win, they have to split with AI 50% of the profit. And 50% of that profit, we will burn it

Stay Tuned for Updates

We are working tirelessly to bring you the best prediction games experience within the BullBear AI ecosystem. Stay tuned for our official announcement regarding the release date of this exciting new feature. Follow us on our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates, including sneak peeks, game previews, and exclusive launch promotions.


Please note that the prediction games feature within the BullBear AI ecosystem is for entertainment and educational purposes only. The virtual currency used in the games has no real-world value, and any rewards or prizes earned are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for real money. The games are designed to simulate investment scenarios, but they should not be considered as financial advice or a guarantee of future performance in real financial markets.

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