Airdrop of NFT on BRC20 for $AIBB Holders


In this guide, we will explore the airdrop of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the BRC20 standard for $AIBB token holders who possess more than 10 billion $AIBB. Airdrops are a popular method used by projects to distribute tokens or digital assets to a specific group of token holders. By participating in this airdrop, eligible $AIBB holders will have the opportunity to receive unique NFTs on the BRC20 blockchain.


To be eligible for the airdrop, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. $AIBB Token Holder: You must be a holder of $AIBB tokens.

  2. Minimum Token Balance: You should possess a minimum of 10 billion $AIBB tokens.

  3. BRC20 Wallet: You need a BRC20-compatible wallet to receive the airdropped NFTs. Make sure your wallet is set up and ready to receive tokens on the BRC20 standard.

Airdrop Process

The airdrop of NFTs on BRC20 for eligible $AIBB holders will follow these steps:

  1. Announcement: The project team will announce the airdrop details, including the date and time of the snapshot for token balances.

  2. Register: We will open the registration portal on the website. Users holding the minimum amount of 100B AIBB can participate in the registration. When registering, you are required to do some tasks and fill in your BRC20 wallet

  3. NFT Creation: After the snapshot, the project will create unique NFTs based on predetermined criteria. These NFTs will represent special rewards for the eligible $AIBB holders.

  4. Airdrop Distribution: The project team will distribute the NFTs directly to the BRC20 wallets of eligible $AIBB holders. Make sure your wallet is configured and accessible to receive the airdropped NFTs.

  5. Verification: Once the airdrop is complete, you can verify the presence of the NFTs in your BRC20 wallet using blockchain explorers or wallet interfaces.

NFT Utilities

  • Trading: NFT will be listed on Marketplace

  • Staking and Earn AIBB

  • Items in the Prediction Game


Participating in the airdrop of NFTs on BRC20 for $AIBB holders who possess more than 10 billion $AIBB can be an exciting opportunity to receive unique digital assets. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria and have a compatible BRC20 wallet to ensure a smooth airdrop experience. Stay tuned for announcements from the project team regarding the airdrop details, and don't miss out on claiming your exclusive NFTs!

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